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Standard of Conduct for Creatives

When working on DesignLab, you must demonstrate respect for your colleagues, buyers/clients, and the general public. These standards were developed in collaboration with the DesignLab community. If you ignore these standards, you will lose your right to work on DesignLab.

Creative's responsibility to clients

1.1 You should understand the client's requirements and appropriate design standards and do your very best at all times to comply with both. For example, if a client requires vector files, your final designs must be delivered in a vector format.

1.2 If you work on multiple projects, you should avoid conflicts of interest, such as submitting the same or similar designs simultaneously to multiple projects.

1.3 You should submit only original work. If you use any stock images in your designs, you must be certain that you have the right to use such images, and you must disclose this information to the client.

1.4 You should not accept instructions from clients if those instructions ask you to violate this code of conduct or another person's intellectual property rights (such as a request that you copy the elements of a design submitted by another creative).

1.5. When you work in projects protected by a Non-Disclosure agreement, you must treat all work for the client as confidential. You may not use designs from NDA-protected projects in your portfolios on DesignLab or elsewhere unless the client expressly permitted you to do so in writing, and you may not disclose information about those projects without the consent of the client.

1.6 You must not misuse private or public comment tools to undermine the reputation of a client. This community does not tolerate rude behavior or inappropriate comments. Private comments are private and should not be re-posted in public.

Creative's responsibility to other creatives and the public

2.1 You should support fair and open competition in all projects.

2.2 You must never attempt, directly or indirectly, to compete with another creative by wrongful means. This community does not tolerate concept copying, insulting or negative comments, or otherwise unprofessional behavior.

2.3 You must, at all times, whether in private or public communications, be professional, objective and constructive when commenting on the work of another creative and must never denigrate the work or reputation of another creative. This community does not tolerate rude behavior or inappropriate comments. Private messages are private and should not be posted in public forums.

2.4 You should not claim sole credit for a design which includes elements designed by other creatives. You should always disclose and identify your specific contribution to the design and whether portions of the design use elements created by someone else.

2.5 You should communicate truthfully in all situations and at all times.

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