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Standard of Conduct for Clients

These standards of conduct were developed in collaboration with the crowdspring community and this community expects every buyer on DesignLab to follow it.

1.1 Provide consistent and constructive feedback and score as many of the entries in your project as possible. You have our solemn oath that you will directly benefit from better entries to your project.

1.2 Select your winning design(s) within 7 days after your project ends and complete the project wrap-up without delay.

1.3 Never violate the intellectual property rights of another person and never, ever ask someone else to. Everything on the site is owned by the person who originally created it until it's bought and paid for.

1.4 Never ask one creative to use a concept introduced by another creative. When a creative submits a unique idea, we respect and protect that idea.

1.5 Please be nice in private and public communications. Don't be mean, nasty, malicious, obnoxious or otherwise unpleasant to another user no matter how much they may deserve it.

1.6 Always be honest.

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